“We are either progressing or retrograding all the while. There is no such thing as remaining stationary in this life.” ~ JF Clarke

Old Schwinns
Old Schwinns

I guess I myself am retrograding as I am stationary right now after a minor procedure. I don’t like being shut down for 3 days but the worst part is NO BATHING as my leg is wrapped and cannot get wet until tomorrow. I am counting down the hours until I can take a nice, long shower and wash my hair!

That got me thinking about the John Muir Trail which I was supposed to do this fall (we could not obtain permits so that is out for this year)….how would I feel sweating and dirty and no shower for days on end? I know you can wash up in the lakes but I think I’d need a lake to appear at least every other day. Of course, I’d have been prepared with baby wipes and powder and such but every little thing you bring adds weight to your pack and must be thoughtfully planned out.  Yes, I’d have survived but bathing IS one of those things that we take for granted until we cannot do it.

Tomorrow:shower, oil change and pack up for a little weekend trip! 🙂

WP just told me this is post 500; now to make it to 1000!


General Store

” I went to the general store

but they wouldn’t let me buy anything specific.” ~ S Wright

Hay and Feed General Store
Hay and Feed General Store

Before there was Seinfeld, there was Steven Wright to point out life’s little ironies.

I recently came upon a treasure of a mining ghost town and museum and took a tour and about 200 images. It had a dozen or so buildings that stored a ton of old items from the glory days of mining. The above image was a general store set up that had vintage and antique items that would have been for sale in the early 1900s-1940s. Of course, everyone at that time must have needed hay and feed for their animals, the big draw according to the window and hats must have been quite big back then.  I do not mean that literally… I looked at the hats above, I kept thinking that people must have been much smaller boned back then (after all, heads do not generally get “fat” as they mostly consist of bone). The hats seemed so tiny, at least to me, I of larger than normal skull. 🙂 The same can be said of the shoes (not visible here)……the women’s shoes looked shrunken and abnormally petite.

I must make it back before it closes for the summer and wander around once again. Some of these types of places tend to just disappear and close down or get so rigid with rules of what you can and cannot enter or photograph and I’d like to make sure I get to spend more time there.


“In the scope of a happy life, a messy desk or an overstuffed coat closet is a trivial thing, yet I find – and I hear from other people that they agree – that getting rid of clutter gives a disproportionate boost to happiness.” ~ G Rubin

Vintage Mess
Vintage Mess

Sometimes, little things do make you more content and balanced. Clearing out clutter is one of them. I have a small 2 bedroom condo and besides the here and there when my son comes up here to visit ( I mostly trek down to the Phoenix area to see him), I use it for storage. I have boxes of Christmas items, home decorations, clothes, etc. from when I moved here and “downsized” to a much smaller place. Once you really start thinking about it, there is very little that you love and need as far as material possessions are concerned. Yes, you need comfort and to surround yourself with some beauty but it is the overkill of “stuff” that weighs you down. Downsizing that 2nd bedroom is one of my New Year resolutions that I still have yet to tackle (blush, It’s March already!! How did that happen?).


“I’m still passionately interested in what my fellow humans are up to. For me, a day spent monitoring the passing parade is a day well-spent”. G Trudeau 

Preskit Christmas Car (1 of 1)
“Preskit” Christmas Truck

I took my son to the Prescott Christmas Parade the first year I moved to Arizona. We were in the Phoenix area at the time so yesterday’s parade was the first time for me as a Prescott resident. There is nothing like a parade to feel a sense of community. Afterwards, we attended the Courthouse lighting. I find crowds draining so we stuck off to the sidelines….and then proceeded to have a margarita when all was said and done. 🙂 I will head down there and take some Christmas light images before the end of the holiday season  when it is less crowded.

Preskit is how they pronounce “Prescott” here. For years, I refused to call it Preskit.  My reasoning was if the city name was changed to be spelled like biscuit, I’d start calling it Preskit. But things, good and bad, sometimes have a way of seeping into our vernacular and guess what? I now say Preskit most times. Oy.

And that doll on the truck… is an old Whimsies doll. I got one when I was 2. Here is the proof:


She is sitting on the box. They came in various “whimsical” forms. My Mom said I looked at it and said, “I don’t like its face”. LOL  I guess that’s why they were called Whimsies!


” Life is rather like a tin of sardines, we are all of us looking for the key.” ~ A Bennett

Old tin (1 of 1)

Delapidated…like my eyes.

Well, I finally broke down and got real eyeglasses for my rusty eyes (for intermittent use) . My far vision is just slightly off and my near vision much worse so I decided to go for the transitional lenses and I cannot get used to them!  I feel like I am constantly hunting for the sweet spot. I still prefer using my readers; the only real issue for me with them is taking them on and off.  And losing a few pairs a year. 🙂 So, looking at this post right now is rather chaotic for my brain. I guess the key will be wearing them more frequently but I really do not need them 24/7.

Have a nice last weekend hurrah!



“With good reason, love’s messengers, Eros and Kama, are armed with bows and long-distance arrows. No being, god or mortal, can choose love. Love comes despite ourselves; and then, if we have not already done so, we have the task of becoming our selves so we may welcome love.” ~D Wolkstein

A Wedding Setup Welcoming Guests, Memories And A New Life Together for The Couple
A Wedding Setup Welcoming Guests, Memories And A New Life Together for The Couple






The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us, and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. ~ G Eliot


Ford Tractor Logo (1 of 1
An old tractor emblem

I have taken a ton of vintage auto logo images but this is my first tractor emblem. The whole vehicle was in pristine condition but it was surrounded by lots of stuff so I had no chance of getting a clean comp of it. So I did what I always do: isolate something.  In this case that something was a no brainer; the design, the red color, the fact that it is fairly old and unique. And on top of that, it’s cute!

And here’s a filler image as I am feeling this is a pitifully short post.  🙂 

Nectar (1 of 1)
These 2 images really have nothing to do with each other except that they both relate to gold in some way.



““The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had.” – Author Unknown

porch (1 of 1)
I love that this looks like it could be somewhere in rural America in the 1940s.

I sometimes like silence and the comfort of being with someone you are so close to that  you do not have to say one word and yet  still feel right at home with them.  But I admit I like to talk even more so. 🙂  And I also think that laughter is my favorite component of enjoying someone’s company. Laughter is just one glue to the bond between people but a pretty important one, IMO.  I love to giggle and crack up and act silly around my close friends. That is a side of me that acquaintances might be surprised to see. What can I say, I am a Gemini in some ways!

Well, another start to the week!  Have a wonderful one.