“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.’~W Burroughs

A damselfly relaxing on a purple flower.
A damselfly relaxing on a purple flower.

Well, the monsoons are here!  That means rain and usually a big downpour that lasts 20-30 minutes. It is so very refreshing, especially after 9 months with literally no rain. I ran out in the middle of yesterday afternoon’s storm to see if maybe I could catch a rainbow but had no such luck. Instead I found a few blue damselflies in some nice post-rain light and on purple flowers. Without settling too much, you sometimes have to take what you can get!



“There are intangible realities which float near us, formless and without words; realities which no one has thought out, and which are excluded for lack of interpreters.”~NC Barney

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“What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun?… Or does it explode?”~ L Hughes

I’d say it explodes and then dries up in the sun.

This is an image from last year and I may not get to shoot any fireworks this Independence Day as it’s actually overcast and a bit rainy here in Prescott, Arizona.  It’s strange for most people but I get excited by rain and lack of sun.  I guess if you have too much of one thing, human nature dictates a longing for the opposite.  But I will still get the other tradition that is associated with the 4th here….a BBQ!  One can’t pass the day without charred meat, can one?

Happy 4th of July to the Americans out there and happy 7/4/12 to those who are not!


“A photographer must be prepared to catch and hold on to those elements which give distinction to the subject or lend it atmosphere.” ~B Brandt

It is the perceived atmosphere and essence of a subject that we try to capture and that is exactly why a bunch of photographers can look at the same scene and shoot differently. Your own perception is everything in photography; it shapes not only your personal style but it also shapes the style of your subject, too.  So, last night I brought my camera out with me with the intention of trying to capture a bit of the atmosphere of one of my local favorite restaurants here in Prescott, “El Gato Azul”.

It was evidently named after the kitty in the first image. I didn’t know they had blue cats in Spain! 😉

It’s a little tapas bar with a changing menu and nice surroundings.  I’m the type of person who rather have an appetizer and dessert than a big meal so I am completely at home here.

The weather was perfect, not too hot or too chilly, for sitting outside on the patio with a sangria (ok, 2 to be exact).  The trees are all turning green right about now and it was just very relaxing; live music in the background, good conversation and a comfortable, casual ambiance.


It lasted 2 seconds beyond this shot.

And you can end the night with chocolate ganache;  how can you go wrong?  If I were younger, I’d say “Nom,nom, nom”;  if I were Rachel Ray, I’d say “Yum-o”.  But as both those phrases give me a reason to want to smirk, I’ll just say it was delicious and leave it at that . Tonight’s dinner? A Lean Cuisine, fresh out of the microwave. 😦  Sigh

One Day

I read this quote today and decided I wanted to process an image and post something using it.  I have always loved Gibran’s simple yet eloquent words.  This particular quote has an almost Zen koan-like quality to it.

I have not been here in quite some time. I’m a bit like this butterfly…here and there.  🙂