” There is a way out every dark mist, over a rainbow trail. ” ~ R Motherwell

Some residual color on the trail at West Fork, Oak Creek Canyon


“We all have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test.” ~I Allende

Oak Creek Canyon. The end of the West Fork Trail. OCC was the site of this past summer’s wildfire; nature is resilient. And grand!


“Perhaps the truth lies within a walk around a lake.”~W Stevens

Lake (1 of 1)
The Cottonwoods Are Just Changing to Yellow around The Lake.

I do believe that it is true that truth can come from a meditative walk in nature. If I’ve had a bad day or experience, being absorbed in natural surroundings always seems to help me clarify things and make my mind more at peace!


“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”~J Rohn

The change of seasons is just starting here.
The change of seasons is just starting here.

How true, you can only change yourself. Your past cannot be changed but how you let it affect you can be steered in a positive or negative, constructive or destructive, life-affirming or life-negating way. Part of that is caring enough of yourself to want the best possible future and part of that is taking responsibility for your own life in the here and now.


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” – Hermann Hesse

Katydidlight (1 of 1)
Cicada Holding On

The fine art of holding on or letting go……..which one and when is a delicate balance of needs and wants.

I tagged this cicada, katydid, grasshopper and cricket and as far as I know, they are all one and the same.  But then I am no Entomologist. They are kind of cute little buggers :), in a strange sort of way. Somehow, I can see why Walt Disney conjured up Jiminy Cricket as a likable and wise character.


“Pictures have a lot more power than text. Text is just a bunch of little symbols. You have to actually read it and imagine it, and even that can be censored. With pictures, it’s a lot more immediate.”~R Crumb 

Sunflower Carpet t2

I think both words and pictures are equally powerful, pictures more instantly powerful, words more of a slow burn. For all the rain we have received, these sunflowers, which normally are quite prolific and all over the lake areas here, are pretty meager in comparison to the last few year’s show. I guess they require more sun than rain, just as their name would imply. Happy Hump Day!



“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”~Maya Angelou


A Double Treat, A Full Moon Rising And A Rainbow.
A Double Treat, A Full Moon Rising And A Rainbow.

I try to be the rainbow……but once in a while, I can also be the storm cloud itself. I am multi-faceted like that. 🙂 

Hearing the rumbling of thunder late yesterday afternoon, I decided I’d go and see what the sky would produce and it turned out that I got the usual clouds but also a rainbow AND the moon as it was rising in the early evening sky. That is something I had not yet seen in my lifetime so I was quite happy that I ran out when I did. I have said this many times but photography has given me numerous gifts of seeing things and being aware of things that I never would have if not for my hobby/passion.  Sometimes the image is secondary to the event, as was so in this case. 


Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”~W Dyer

Transformation-something is taken away yet also gained.
Transformation-something is taken away yet also gained.

When I was trying to find a quote for this image, I decided that transformation would be the key word. This area, called The Toadstools, has undergone quite a transformation. The wind, sand and water have created natural sculptures throughout the area. There are a number of toadstool spots in and around Kanab, Utah where nature’s conditions have transformed the sandstone over time. In a way, the toadstools are an analogy for man: we are born one way and transform over time, losing some things yet gaining others. Hopefully, what transpires is for the better, not worse.

We drove here after an afternoon in the Grand Canyon and I was hoping for clouds ☁︎☁︎ (yes, that word again) and to have arrived a bit earlier. By the time we got out to the toadstool area, the sun was setting rapidly. I tried to shoot as much as possible in the 30 minutes we had before it got too dark and we had to skedaddle (one reason why camping is a definite bonus when it comes to landscape photography) or we may have had to possibly spend the night ,not camping, just frantic out in the open and unprepared. We actually got a bit lost heading back but we made it to the car right as darkness really fell. Had I been with other photographers, I’d have suggested a return to this area on the way back. Two against one, I did not even mention it. But I am already planning a Kanab trip in the fall when it will be cooler and more enjoyable as the temps had hit 100* plus while we were there.

I am happy to say that parched Prescott got some rain on Saturday and the monsoons are setting in. I am hoping for a lot of rain this season as we certainly are in desperate need of it!





“We look at the world and see what we have learned to believe is there, what we have been conditioned to expect… but, as photographers, we must learn to relax our beliefs.”~A Siskind

Bee Sitting on Its Purple Chair
Bee Sitting on Its Purple Chair

For me, this image illustrates the above quote as it was something that I did not expect to see, a bee just flying onto and sitting down on this thistle. He reminded me of a tired man in his Lazy Boy chair after a long day at the office. He just sat there, his front legs holding himself up, doing nothing (or maybe he was watching BeeTV 😉 ) for about a minute or so and then ZOOM, off he flew. I could actually almost see it breathing heavy as it sat there, trying to recoup some energy from a hard day’s work collecting pollen. Don’t ask me why but I never expected to see a bee sit like this and I enjoyed having my assumption shattered. Like I said before, photography gives you gifts that go way beyond capturing an image.

Okay, part of the reason why I have not posted much here is because my computer hard drive was full and I had to do some clean up, save files to an external drive, and then download a new operating system and LR 5 . I drag my feet when to comes to certain chores… geek stuff is one of my major procrastination things. Anyway, it is now done (Phew) and all works, as a matter of fact, I even figured out my spell check problem.