” A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.” ~ W Cowper

Vacant Barn
Vacant Barn

I had a sales appointment out in the rural town just north of Prescott and stopped on my way home to take an image of this now vacant barn. I spotted it on my way to the meeting and hoped that when I returned that maybe an entire flock of birds would be sitting on those wires. Now that would have made for more of an image “story” for me!  As you can see, that did not happen. I have another appointment in a week on the same road so I will bring a camera, as I usually do anyway, in the hope of capturing this preconceived vision that I now have in my head.

I never have a vacant mind! lol



” Life is rather like a tin of sardines, we are all of us looking for the key.” ~ A Bennett

Old tin (1 of 1)

Delapidated…like my eyes.

Well, I finally broke down and got real eyeglasses for my rusty eyes (for intermittent use) . My far vision is just slightly off and my near vision much worse so I decided to go for the transitional lenses and I cannot get used to them!  I feel like I am constantly hunting for the sweet spot. I still prefer using my readers; the only real issue for me with them is taking them on and off.  And losing a few pairs a year. 🙂 So, looking at this post right now is rather chaotic for my brain. I guess the key will be wearing them more frequently but I really do not need them 24/7.

Have a nice last weekend hurrah!



“I had crossed the line. I was free; but there was no one to welcome me to the land of freedom. I was a stranger in a strange land.”~H Tubman

A 2 Guns Welcome
Welcome to Two Guns, AZ, abandoned from its Route 66 heyday past.

I did feel a bit like a stranger in a strange land here with no one else around, and everything abandoned;  it was rather eerie. My desire to capture images propels me at times to do things I might not ordinarily do….like walk around in a place like this and endure a bit of fear.

Two Guns has quite an interesting story even before its more modern Route 66 past as a tourist trap and campground and you can read more about that from http://www.ghosttowns if you are so inclined:

Given time and it will all be cleared out and maybe become another shiny, new casino or something or other. That idea was drilled home to me just yesterday; a favorite little shack that I pass by often was being disassembled to make way for something new. I had the idea of doing next year’s holiday card with this shack as the backdrop (with a cowboy tumbleweed snowman;  I bought the props and all!) but it never really snowed this winter. Wasn’t it cute?

Shack in Spring (1 of 1).jpg
Now I’ll have to find another location for Tumbleweed Cowboy 😦


Life Is A Beautiful Mess, isn't it?
Life Is A Beautiful Mess, isn’t it?

I have an alert for everyone.

Here it is: It is even easier to slip on mud than it is on ice. It’s true!  I have done both and mud is more slippery than ice. Maybe my slip was payback.  After I tell you the whole story, maybe you’ll understand why I say that.

I visited my son this weekend down in Phoenix and decided I would hit a local restored Western village on the way home as it is just a few miles out of my way. The last time I went there there was a Boy Scout event going on and Boy Scouts running amok and photography do not go together very well.  Today I had the place almost to myself as we had much needed rain here in AZ and the village was actually closed due to weather.  But the gates were open…and I saw another woman in there taking pics.  That was all I needed to see and it gave me the misguided feeling that while the buildings were closed, the outdoor area was open.  But honestly, I just hoped that more than felt it. There are few things that I do which generally do not fall within my own standards of rule following….1. entering places which I maybe should not just to take a “few” images and 2. eating raw cookie dough. There might be one or two others but selective memory has me believing that is IT, those 2 things. So, I quickly scampered about taking images, hoping that the other woman had gotten confirmation that it was okay to be there. I saw a worker there and he just nodded to me so it HAD to be okay, right? I did a quick loop around, missing half of the buildings and then started back to my car.  But music in one of the buildings called me into it and it turned out to be a cowboy worship service, with a cowgirl guitarist singing the praises of the Lord. RIGHT as I peered in they broke for a bit to shake hands, hug and kiss and about 20 people were both surprised and happy to see a new face. My face.  They hugged me and shook my hand, wished me peace and good stuff and then tried to get me to sit up front with them. “No, no, thank you, I’ll sit back here”.  They were so very nice and friendly but I just was not prepared for that whole experience. I sat for a bit and then made my escape. I was not escaping them per se but just the feeling that I had gotten myself into something I was not expecting. Plus, I had plans to meet a friend for lunch here in Prescott and knew I had to get on the road.

Well, on my way out I walked over a normal looking sidewalk which was wet and had silty-type mud on top and …….BAM, I went down quicker than a flash in a pan. It was like one of those experiences that takes you out of reality for a second or two.  Like, what just happened??? Well, I was covered in mud from my neck to my toes (mostly on my back side. That is 2 separate words, BTW). My handbag was covered in mud, my shoes and both my cameras also now brown. I did not get hurt, my cameras appeared fine……so I laughed hysterically for 30 seconds.  I picked myself up and took off my shoes, took off my coat and then covered my car seat with a tarp I have in the back of my car.  When I got home it took me like a whole hour just to do a preliminary cleaning of my muddy articles (Heloise hint: baby wipes work pretty well to clean the outside of your camera body).

At lunch I started feeling pretty sore and I am sure I will be black and blue but hey, no real injuries. I started to think on the way home if maybe I was being punished for leaving service early and trespassing. But that was the old God of my childhood speaking (Roman Catholic guilt) 🙂 not the new one who would be happy to see that I made it to church (even though it was unintentional and I only stayed for 10 minutes). I have to say, I like the new God better.

That is my confession. I’m not sure what the act of contrition is yet. Maybe my black and blues. But life is a beautiful mess sometimes! And the New God understands that.

PS-I may have broken yet another rule:posting 2 pics for the weekly challenge, “Abandoned” but I personally like an abandoned image that shows more of a regular life that used to be (as opposed to say, a business).  A family once lived here, kids played in the front yard, people sat on the porch, meals were eaten. A home


Abandoned (1 of 1)
“Absence is a house so vast that inside you will pass through its walls and hang pictures on the air.” ~P Neruda

Once a barn, once an antique store, now abandoned. But abandonment is a state which is not always permanent. Like the buds on the tree, life is a cycle.

Well, it appears that I may just be an every other week participant of the weekly photo challenges!  I shot 3 for last week  but I have to say that I did not like them.  They were not ones I’d want to put up under any circumstance except to make myself do the challenge. Is it better to not do the challenge if you do not feel your image says anything interesting or  to just to suck it up and feel slightly embarrassed of your offering?  If I see little of value to others (or myself), I’d have to say that not posting is the generous thing to do. Anyway, I am not totally wowed by this one but it does have some pleasing elements for me and that is okay with me.

I lost my automatic spell-check.  It abandoned me 😦  , possibly permanently as I tried to google how to turn it back on and cannot seem to come up with an answer that works. Things could get very scary! I am glad there is a spell check here on WP; now let’s see if I can remember to use it!