“You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” ~K Gibran

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Something happened yesterday which kind of jolted me from the “la-de-dah” of my day-to-day life. My Mom was in an accident which resulted in a fatality. She was just fine, no injuries, but another woman did die.  It is humbling when we think of how fragile life really is….if not for a split second here or an inch or two there, my mother could have suffered much more dire consequences. And on the other side of this coin, someone who I do not know is surely suffering a heartbreaking loss. Lives collide, sometimes with life-affirming results, sometimes with dire results, sometimes with no results.The no results ones we do not give much thought to but we surely internalize the dire and the life-affirming ones.

I think of that the things that my Mom has given me (not the monetary things, although there is always a certain amount of sacrifice in that area, too) and I am thankful to her for each and every life lesson, her words of wisdom, her sense of practicality, the random silly moments. And that is what love is: to give of yourself; no one does that better than a mom!

And so today, I am grateful, for that second or two, that inch or two. What was given to me and also what I have yet to be able to give to others. Life is all a big circle, not always perfectly round, filled with twists and turns, loss and gain and that journey along with life’s lessons are what it is all about. When you wisely choose to give of yourself, you are affirming life and that is the path that we all should choose.


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