“for here before you stands a bowl full of roses,

A Bowl of Roses
A Bowl of Roses

which is unforgettable and filled up
with ultimate instances
of being and bowing down,
of offering themselves, of being unable to give, of standing there
almost as part of us ~RM Rilke

I have a Facebook page called “Ranier Maria Rilke Quotes” where I post Rilke quotes and images to go along with them. It is very similar to this blog and so once in a while, I will use the same post here and there, completely due to sheer laziness. It’s all a labor of love, though, and the posts reach different people. That is how I justify my laziness. 😉

The next few weeks will be busy ones for me but I am looking forward to the craziness. Puerto Penasco, Mexico, Lake Powell and then the central coast of California (my heart is going pitter patter at that thought). I have become an expert of sorts (in my own life, anyway) on low-budget travel, which enables me to live in a way that satisfies my wanderlust and not break the piggy bank. Yesterday was my birthday and I was pondering how this phase of my life has been very good and I anticipate more goodness in the years to follow. I cannot say how grateful I am to be in this place of contentment and discovery but even if my fortune were to change, I hope that I will always hold on to the gratitude.


2 thoughts on “Roses

  1. So many smart and philosophical people like Rilke! I’ll have to learn a little more about him.

    I hear you about budget travel. Who needs the parts of travel that are expensive, like chain hotels and eating at a restaurant for every meal? Maybe you’ll write a post about budget travel ideas. I’m happy you’re getting some traveling in and will look forward to seeing photos:0).

    1. Thank you, Beth. I do not concentrate much on writing here but I feel that at some point, I may venture more that way as far as the direction of the blog is concerned. But you will definitely see photos! That is a promise.
      For me, I find that Rilke is able to combine elements of poetic romanticism with a heavy dose of realism, which is not an easy feat. And even with all of the incredible changes that have occurred in society since his writings, his words still hold true in today’s modern world. Do check his work out further!

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