“Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.”~ A Smith

Valves in Primary Colors

I just returned from seeing Disney’s Monkey Kingdom and I wholeheartedly recommend it. The cinematography was just stunning (photogs out there will really appreciate it) and you will find yourself feeling sorrow and then happiness for the main protagonist’s everyday struggles to both survive and care for her young. I do not know how much human intervention was behind some of the storylines (hungry macaques raiding a birthday party and eating a psychedelic pink-iced cake) and there was too much anthropomorphism for me to call this a documentary but it was a beautifully filmed piece and a kind of nature “feel good” movie. Heck, if you can suspend your scientific mind for a zombie movie, you can do so for an endearing bunch of monkeys! I left thinking about how similar some animal and human societies are and that these types of films leave you so much more for the better than say a pure escapism, shoot ’em up type of movie, although I suppose both have their places. Plus, if you go on opening week, Disney will donate 20 cents per admission to Conservation International, an organization dedicated to helping protect endangered species and preserving their habitats. It is a win-win! Take the kids, the grandkids (yes, the target audience is probably 10 years old-blush)….take yourself but go see it.


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