“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” ~ M McLuhan

A Bunch of  (1 of 1)
Doohickey-“a small object or gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall”

I think they are valves and pipes. Whatever they are, they made for a nice abstract.

Let’s just say that this week will not go down as one of my best. Easter was nice but then Sunday night came. I started to feel sick, as in with the flu. I have not been really sick in quite some time so I guess I have been lucky. I was driving home from the Phoenix area, feeling really bad, and stopped for a red light.  Well, the woman ahead of me decided the last minute to stop but ended up half in the lane of the oncoming traffic. She backed up to get out of the way of the cars; I backed up a bit, too, as far as I could, without hitting the car behind me. And I see that she never took her car out of reverse….I start beeping and waving my hands and I put my car in park as I know what is coming next! Light turns green, woman floors car, BAM, my front grill is demolished. We exchange insurance information, the police come and take a report and this takes an hour or so, all that time me hoping not to barf on the nice officer’s shiny shoes. I am just starting to feel normal, after sleeping like Rip Van Winkle for a day.

Today was tax preparation day for me, the third bad thing to happen.  Of death and taxes, of course, I will choose taxes but they still stink. :p And to think the week’s not even over yet……




2 thoughts on “Tools

  1. Oh that’s really a bad week. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    I like your photo – you’ve posted from this place before, right? They look like the old plumbing pieces that came out of my house.

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