General Store

” I went to the general store

but they wouldn’t let me buy anything specific.” ~ S Wright

Hay and Feed General Store
Hay and Feed General Store

Before there was Seinfeld, there was Steven Wright to point out life’s little ironies.

I recently came upon a treasure of a mining ghost town and museum and took a tour and about 200 images. It had a dozen or so buildings that stored a ton of old items from the glory days of mining. The above image was a general store set up that had vintage and antique items that would have been for sale in the early 1900s-1940s. Of course, everyone at that time must have needed hay and feed for their animals, the big draw according to the window and hats must have been quite big back then.  I do not mean that literally… I looked at the hats above, I kept thinking that people must have been much smaller boned back then (after all, heads do not generally get “fat” as they mostly consist of bone). The hats seemed so tiny, at least to me, I of larger than normal skull. 🙂 The same can be said of the shoes (not visible here)……the women’s shoes looked shrunken and abnormally petite.

I must make it back before it closes for the summer and wander around once again. Some of these types of places tend to just disappear and close down or get so rigid with rules of what you can and cannot enter or photograph and I’d like to make sure I get to spend more time there.

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