“Where wise actions are the fruits of life, wise discourse is the pollination.” ~ B McGill

Pollination in Action
Pollination in Action

I still have a bunch of photos to go through from my trip to the Southern California area but I like to keep things varied so I try not to post too many images in a row of the same subject. The good thing about that is that it pretty much leaves me shooting at least every other day, even if just for a passing shot or two. This afternoon I found some pretty poppies and where there are flowers, there are usually bees. I have no issues with bees, except when I step on one of them (or one of their cousins). They really are pretty amazing creatures; without bees, pollination would not occur and without that, the world we now know would change for the worse as far as our food supply is concerned. Bees are the bee’s knees! (In full disclosure, I acknowledge that that is a lame end to this post but I have to end it somehow, hive got to run). 🐝



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