“I still get wildly enthusiatic about little things….I play with leaves.  I skip down the street and run against the wind.” ~ L Buscaglia

Skipping Down The Ocean's Street
Skipping Down The Ocean’s Street

…..I step backwards without looking and takes pictures. And manage to step on a hornet.  On the beach, while barefoot.

Is there any other way to walk on the beach? 😦

I yell out in pain.

Having been bit in the past by bees on my foot, I know that this hurt much more! We stopped, I hobbled over to a rock and we looked for the stinger. It was not until we got back to the hotel that we found the offending object and by then, it had probably depleted itself of its venom. My foot was swollen and red but I thought it was no big deal. Well, the next day I awoke to a horrible blue colored toe and multiple big blisters on the front of that toe. I was experiencing a severe allergic reaction. Not a good start to the vacation but the show must go on so I ducked into a CVS Minute Clinic and was given antibiotics, a dressing and a $75 bill. I knew if it had been a truly dangerous reaction, I’d have experienced more serious, potentially deadly issues right from the start but the redness that covered my entire foot was worrisome for infection.  And one week later, that toe is still bruised and red. That experience kind of put a damper on my whole “sand between your toes” beach trip but I walked in my trusty Merrells from there on in.

Will I walk barefoot the next time I am at the beach? You betcha. You have to skip down the street and run against the wind. Calculated risks and life’s little pleasures (beach sand between your toes is one of them) make this ride that we call life much more rewarding.



5 thoughts on “Skip

  1. That sounds so painful (not to mention expensive:0)), but what a great attitude you have! Glad you won’t limit your walks on the beach because of itand hope your foot feels better soon!

    1. Beth, but not so sure I’d feel the same about swimming in the ocean if, say, a shark took a bite out of me. lol But one of the benefits of getting older IMO is that you fear less and say “yes” to more. And thanks, the toe still looks bad but feels better.

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