“About the old tower, dark against the sky,
The beat of my wings hums,
I circle about God, sweep far and high
On through milleniums.

Soleri birds (1 of 1)

Am I a bird that skims the clouds along,
Or am I a wild storm, or a great song?”~R M Rilke

I am in Tempe visiting my son and I made a point yesterday to stop at Canal Convergence at the Scottsdale waterfront. It is a twice a year event, celebrating the Salt River Project canal, water ( of course, a very precious commodity in the desert) and the Equinox.  It’s mostly art installations in and around the canal and the Paolo Soleri designed bridge (part of which is shown above), including various performances. Prescott used to have an all day performance and art event called Tsunami in The Square that I really enjoyed but that ended last year so I now usually try and make it here to get an outdoor art fix. It is really best seen at night, everything is all lit up, including the flowers floating in the water below. Rain threatened yesterday to help fill up that canal but it never really materialized, exactly why water is such a precious commodity here and celebrated!

canal (1 of 1)


Enjoy the weekend. ☺︎

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