Apple Tree

“Bring a concertina after sunset under the apple tree.
Let romance stutter to the western stars, “Excuse … me…”~ C Sandburg

blossoming (1 of 1)
Early Blossoming on An Apple Tree

I know many people are now experiencing a ton of snow and chilly temps but the winter here in the SW has been a warm and dry one. While that might seem to be a good thing to those buried under a few feet of snow, it means that the drought here continues on and that we will once again be highly susceptible to wildfire…not such a good thing. The blossoms are about a month early indicating that winter may just pretty much bypass us completely this year!  I was hoping for more snow than the meager 2″ we got at New Year’s Eve day but Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Just like most women. 😉


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