“In every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” -Rachel Carson

Story in The Sand
Story in The Sand

Nature’s painting, done as an abstract,  in sand.

Visiting SC made me miss the ocean. The beach there has nice white, fine sand and the water was a pretty green-blue. As it is currently off-season, I pretty much had the beach to myself so I am not sure about enjoying the experience come summertime but right now, it is very peaceful.  I lived out in the Hamptons for a few years and always loved the 3 off seasons and dreaded summer with the influx of people, traffic, etc. There is no Utopia, for sure. The mountains with their wide-open spaces and vastness are wonderful but so is the coast!


2 thoughts on “Sand

  1. Oh yes, indeed, Mauren, the vastness of the coast is wonderful. What a lovely capture of the structures of the sand. So many stories to find on the beach.

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