” A rooster only crows when it sees the light.” ~ M Ali

Rooster in The Junkyard
Rooster in The Junkyard


What I have learned about the Fujifilm XE-1 so far: The kit lens is excellent, the camera is great, tones and color are very pleasing, its lightweight portability is appealing. And now for the not so good: it is a slow focus hence not great for action and capturing quick moments. All in all, my intention of buying was for hiking and mostly landscapes so the slow focus becomes a non-issue in that respect. Maybe I will build my Fuji lenses and when they come out with a full frame model and one that is better able to capture action, do a full change over. For now, it will be a 2 camera system, which is actually how a usually shoot anyway (2 Nikons, one with a long distance telephoto, one with a wide-angle).

There are things I am still adjusting to and my muscle memory is set for changing Nikon buttons so I keep going to adjust certain settings with those burned into my brain. And the whole viewfinder thing is more like shooting with a phone, although the XE-1 does have a hybrid system (both rear LCD and the more DSLR traditional eye option).  If shooting aperture priority, the aperture selection is on the lens ring….weird for me. I may just get used to using this only in manual focus and camera setting modes and break out of my norm. Many people seem to use the Fujifilms to shoot in jpeg, which I plan on taking a day to try out at some point in order to assess and utilize all those 35mm film simulations. The benefit to that is no need to process your images.  I guess that would be an limited option for me as I do like the control of shooting in RAW and then playing in Lightroom. If nothing else, the camera is keeping my brain active!

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