” You can always pick up your needle and move to another grove.” ~ T Leery

Needle Guide (1 of 1)
I believe this is a very old metal sewing machine needle dispenser but I am not quite sure!

I have another grove right now….a new camera.  It is new but an older model; a Fujifilm XE-1 mirrorless camera. It is quite retro looking; very pleasing to the eye. I have wanted a lighter hiking camera for a while now and it finally dropped to the price point of $50 more than the kit lens by itself. If a friend and I actually make it happen, I may be backpacking the John Muir Trail this September and a lighter set up would be a necessity.

The nice man in brown brought it to my door last night and this morning, I put on the strap, updated the firmware and then set out to shoot with it a bit. Does Maureen read the boring manual? No. Ummm, not the best idea!  This seems much more complicated to grasp than my Nikon. It is a completely different beast and I have yet to tame it. I guess it will come in time but right now, it is like a feral cat.  A sexy one (it is quite the looker in its silver and black vintage goodness).  It reminds me so much more of  shooting with a film camera, not only because of its appearance but in its output. We shall see if I can manage to become more intimate with it in the next few weeks but right now, I am a impressed, despite my feebleness of knowledge.

This guy probably knew how to work his camera....
This guy probably knew how to work his camera….

Take a seat, this may take a while to get the hang of!

test5 (1 of 1)


4 thoughts on “Needle

  1. It looks very good already and you’ll definitely be needing light gear going hiking so happy studying! 🙂 10-15 kgs or more on your back is not pat of the fun.
    Are you hiking the US or scot John Muir trail?

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