3 Ducks (1 of 1)
Sometimes it is hard to walk around the same place and come up with a different photographic vision.

” The only worse thing than being blind is having sight but no vision.” ~ H Keller

Yes, sometimes finding something new in a place you have explored many, many times before can be trying. And winter and its starkness adds another challenging dimension…..bare trees, nothing in bloom and not much lively.  But part of the reason I do this blog is that I believe that one must find beauty in the everyday.  Sometimes that beauty is not so exciting, as in the duck image above.

Rock Design (1 of 1)
Do you see the owl in the rock?? Clue- Its left eye is directly under the dead tree….

I heard someone once say that if you want to take better images, put yourself in front of better things. That is not always possible, though, is it? We cannot always be on vacation, visiting beautiful places and having different cultural experiences.  Maybe we would like to do so but time or money gets into the way. We have real responsibilities and other priorities. So that is why I shoot and blog a post like today’s anyway, despite feeling that the images are quite average.  It means needing to stretch one’s vision and seeing a different perspective in things you know in an almost intimate way. In some ways, it is like a relationship. Once you feel you know everything regarding your partner and that you have seen it all, you must still reach deeper to find another view, another vision, another picture . A fresh perspective. Of course, in actuality, you have not seen it all but sometimes it feels that way and some days are just average, C+ “duck” days. And you keep going and learn to appreciate a duck or two.


4 thoughts on “Vision

  1. I like your term “duck days”. That second photo is interesting because it looks like the rocks are drawn with pastels or pencil while the trees and the sky are clearly photography.

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