” Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls” ~ Mother Teresa

net (1 of 1)
Sculpture Art High in The Sky in Phoenix

I am not sure what other perspective I might have come up with here as I was pretty much chased away from shooting.  I got in 3 shots as I approached this when a homeless woman started screaming at me from 100 feet away….”How much did your camera cost”, “Yeah, you’re from the newspaper, aren’t you?” and other intimidating things that I will not mention. I quickly hightailed it out of there, not wanting to confront an obviously angry and mentally disturbed person. I will have to go back sometime with others (there is power in numbers) as I was alone on this particular morning. The sculpture lights up at night, looking quite cool, so I would like to photograph that. And night would be a definite group activity. 🙂  I am not sure about you but I have gotten myself into a few scary situations (both in nature and in urban areas) shooting but I tend to get very focused when I decide I want to capture something. Tenacity can have its downside!



2 thoughts on “Net

  1. Oh, the joys of deinstitutionalization. I’ve been in a number of dicey situations over the years going places alone and have become more circumspect about going especially to isolated places alone, although this sounds like more of a downtown scenario. Glad you’re savvy about getting out of those situations!

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