perched and sat and nothing more” ~ E A Poe

A Kestral Hawk Taking In The Snow
A Kestral Hawk Taking In The Snow on New Year’s Eve Day

A bit of a take on (what I perceive to be) a Japanese painting, photographic style.

I hope your New Year’s Eve was nice……..I had a New Year”s Eve with an Arizonan twist: Mexican for dinner, listened to a great country band in The Palace Saloon and watched a cowboy boot drop to the New Year’s countdown.  All this from a NY girl! 🙂 I had a really fun night last night.  The Courthouse was all lit up and seemed almost magical, all surrounded by snow. The throngs of people that usually come to these things stayed home due to the snow and cold and I was glad that we ventured out and challenged the scaredy cats that were foreboding bad things on the roads.

Now 2015 is a reality;  I won’t bore you with my resolutions..but I do have a few!


6 thoughts on “Perched

  1. Your photograph is beautiful, it reminds me of fine art in a gallery. And yes, we had a nice New Year’s Eve, quiet since we had gone to a party the night before. I enjoy both, going out or staying home, but this year it was nice to stay home and share some wine with my husband by the tree. Your night sounded much more interesting…and festive! I like festive! Happy New Year to you, and good luck with those resolutions. I’ve broken one of mine already!

  2. Much thanks, Elisa. Happy 2015! Both staying home and going out can be enjoyable. It all depends on one’s mood. Sometimes going out can just be too much of a hassle. I hate crowds so the previous boot drop I went to was just too crazy but I figured the weather would keep the crowds at bay this year.
    PS- And that is exactly why I do not blab about my resolutions; I’d have to eat crow by the 2nd! 🙂

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