” If you want to be a different fish, jump out of the school.” ~ D Van Vliet

Sun Koi (1 of 1)
We all want to be unique fish yet still connect with “the school”. 

Koi and lotus together are some of my favorite things to shoot as a duo. The fish or lotus pads alone would be rather boring but together they manage to create more of a harmonious, complete feel. A polarizing filter is a necessity, without one too many reflections would dull the clarity of the image. My goal here was to create a more painterly effect, although I did not use a texture on this one…it was the color I played around with a bit and also used a few of the Nik Color Efex Pro filters.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday! We kept it pretty simple yet my body is still longing to get back to normal eating and some exercise!





5 thoughts on “Fish

  1. Great Shot. I have a friend that is a koi farmer in Hawaii, he breeds and sells some of the top koi in the world to the Japanese collectors. He had a picture of a pure white koi with a perfectly heart shaped red spot on its head!!

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