“Our lives at times seem a study in contrast… love hate, birth death, right wrong… everything seen in absolutes of black white. Too often we are not aware that it is the shades of grey that add depth meaning to the starkness of those extremes.” ~ A Adams

Between Autumn And Winter
Between Autumn And Winter.  I think WP’s snow kind of tips it over to winter’s edge, though.

I had a sales appointment this morning and had left earlier than need be to do a friend a favor which took less time than I had anticipated. As I was driving by Willow Lake, I noticed the bald eagle in its favorite tree so I figured why not stop. The last time I photographed the eagle, the skies were dull and gray and there were some decent looking clouds today and I figured that maybe I could get a nicer perspective with those clouds looming in the background.

As I walked towards the tree, I started to sink in some muddy areas (as we had 2 days of rain this week). Then I got burrs all over my work pants. As I tried to get closer to the eagle, I also then had to admit to myself that my boots were not the best for rock climbing, which would have been necessary to have gotten a close up shot. So, I took a few images and headed back to my car. This was a scene on my way back, not an exciting one but still pleasing to my eye. I think it is the starkness and the landscape being on the edge of winter that appeals to me here. I probably should have done this in B&W to coincide with Ansel’s quote but I liked it better in color.

I brushed myself off as well as I could when I got to my appointment and then realized at the door of the person’s home that I had a mass of caked on mud and dried grass stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Uh oh! I explained to him my dilemma and then just ended up doing my presentation in my socks. Blush. Not very professional but no one seemed to mind but me.


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