“Never call anyone a baboon unless you are sure of your facts.” ~ W Cuppy

Who Ya Calling A Baboon?
Who Ya Calling A Baboon? 

If the orangutans are my favorite animal (can I have a few favs? Elephants and the other Great Apes, too), these were the most interesting for me to watch as they reminded me so much like a Zen-like person. The way they carry themselves and their pensive yet slightly detached air, made me think that baboons are the monks of the monkey family.  That is until they bare their teeth….I can see much damage being done by those chompers. This guy just sat there, taking in the sights and sounds, just like a human being watching a baseball game.  At one point he looked like he was actually meditating. Maybe he was only meditating about his next meal but still, they are kind of fascinating to watch. These guys know how to stop and smell the roses. Actually……..they were smelling other things that I prefer not to mention (for your sakes, I cannot be saved from that at this point).:-o  But still, they exude a certain air (hehe, pun) of both composure and keen interest at the same time and I found myself watching them for longer than I would have anticipated.


4 thoughts on “Baboon

  1. I agree with all you’ve said! Don’t watch too closely though. You may begin to wonder who’s really watching who… Among the Orangutans, I find Jason Robards to be one of my favorite! I certainly enjoyed your feed and will inquisitively pursue this: ‘Planet of The Apes’ as it’s presented to me.

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