” Life is rather like a tin of sardines, we are all of us looking for the key.” ~ A Bennett

Old tin (1 of 1)

Delapidated…like my eyes.

Well, I finally broke down and got real eyeglasses for my rusty eyes (for intermittent use) . My far vision is just slightly off and my near vision much worse so I decided to go for the transitional lenses and I cannot get used to them!  I feel like I am constantly hunting for the sweet spot. I still prefer using my readers; the only real issue for me with them is taking them on and off.  And losing a few pairs a year. 🙂 So, looking at this post right now is rather chaotic for my brain. I guess the key will be wearing them more frequently but I really do not need them 24/7.

Have a nice last weekend hurrah!



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