“Life is not just black and white, there are a million shades in between.” ~HH Barbhuiya

White DoD (1 of 1)
Life IS a million shades. 

I went up to Sedona this past weekend and attended a Day of The Dead festival  Saturday night and then hiked the West Fork trail in Oak Creek Canyon on Sunday morning. Both were fun and yet completely different shades of black and white as far as activities go. I like diversity in my life.  My Mom always said that I am a seeker and searcher and I think she is correct. The Day of The Dead event was sheer fun, the hike pleasantly calming, although 9 miles and 26 creek crossings have made me a bit sore today! 🙂


2 thoughts on “White

  1. Very cool, Maureen! I liked Sedona when we visited and found it kind of enchanting, but after all the hype, felt like I missed out when nothing psychic or magical actually happened:0)). What a lovely part of the country you live in! Hope your aches are quickly gone!

    1. Thanks, Beth! I do love the West now (I am an E coast implant) and Sedona is lovely, although somewhat touristy. I actually stood in a vortex this weekend (in a retail store, no less) and nothing significant seemed to happen….or maybe that is where my aches and pains really came from! LOL

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