“The best gift a man can give a woman is his undivided attention”~Usher

Undivided (1 of 1)
That sentiment goes for women and horses, too!

I like how horses seem to team up and have a partnership with another horse, a real connection, even if it is based on practicality (like swatting flies away from one another’s face).

I am not sure if undivided attention is the BEST present but it is definitely one of them. There are a lot of things that should go into a good relationship, some are negotiable and some non-negotiable. What I have found as of late in that department is that you must own your worth, which basically translates into not settling. There are always potholes on the road but they should not be black holes! Look for actions, not words (as my Mom always says:words are cheap. Thanks, Mom. Another truism). It is in actions as to where a person’s character really lies.

Have an undividedly wonderful weekend!

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