“Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge.”~ A Rimbaud

The Hollyhocks Sure Knocked My Socks Off
The Hollyhocks Sure Knocked My Socks Off

I decided I’d go out just for a bit and shoot some images. Fall color has not quite arrived here but it is starting to bloom a bit.  But before I got out of my condo complex, I stopped at a nearby house to shoot a bunch of hollyhocks. It was their second bloom of the season as I later learned from the home’s owner. While I was there, the she had returned home and was totally understanding of my need to trespass on her property a bit 🙂 as she too loves hollyhocks. We talked some about how she eventually came to buy her house. It all started with a man that she met on match.com that led to both the house and the marriage.  Having tried a few dating sites, I had decided that I’d just live my life and hope that I meet Mr. Right going about my business, doing the things I love. She tried to convince me that I should try again but to be totally honest, it sounded more as she described her story and her husband that they were a couple that made the decision of their partnership based on logic.  Is it wrong to want a man who knocks my socks off? Should you decide more logically as you age? They were in their late 70s and I got the impression that he maybe takes her off, not knocks them off. Of course, you have to be best friends with your partner, too. Maybe we expect too much out of relationships these days but I doubt I’ll ever want to settle for just having someone who just “takes” my socks off. Anyway, I am not sure about her husband but her hollyhocks sure were divine.

As I still need a fall fix, I am now going to do something definitively autumn…….pumpkin beer imbibing and maybe out to dance. That is divine enough for one day!


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