“Let me drink the day. I loved light ever, light in eye and brain. No tapers mirrored in long palace floors, nor dedicated depths of silent aisles,

But just the common dusty wind-blown day.”~E Wharton

Windblown (1 of 1)
A Wind-blown Wisp of Pink-Light and Simplicity

6 thoughts on “Wind-blown

  1. The image is gorgeous, Maureen!
    I need your help; it’s not only with your blog, it happens to me all the time when I visit other bloggers with the same theme as your new one; when I leave the reader to have a look at the original, it doesn’t open, no matter what I klick, no matter how long I patiently wait, I only see a pink bubble bubbling away giving me the impression; hang on and wait until it’s loaded … but nothing happens! What am I doing wrong?
    Wishing you a happy Sunday!
    Best regards , Dina

    1. Thanks, Dina and for letting me know about the blog issue. I would imagine it could be the theme itself if you see it on other blogs with the same one. I have changed my theme numerous times…looks like it is time once again. I’d purchase one if I knew it would have all that I want but some things (such as this issue or the image is SMALLER when you click on it, etc. ) is just not realized until you actually get into its use!

      Off to find a new theme..or maybe re-visit an old one. It is just an excuse anyway to satisfy my whimsy! 😉

      Have a great week ahead, Dina! ❤

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