‘If a billowy white cloud exploded, that’d be close to what my love looks like. The only difference is my love has more precipitation. ‘- J Kintz


monsoonmadness (1 of 1)
Billowy Clouds over The High Desert Landscape

This is what epitomizes the Western US for me: vast open land, mountains and clouds as far as the eye can see. It is one thing that I love about the West.  And anyone who knows the landscape here in AZ knows just how green it looks right now, it might not seem to green to others but the grasses here are almost always predominantly yellow. Even the shrubby “trees”look greener due to all the rain.

I drove down to Phoenix yesterday and took this on my way back home. I saw my Dr. down there and found out this intermittent pain I am having in my torso, which can be pretty painful under certain circumstances, is most likely due to a rib that popped out of my ribcage. I did not know a rib could “pop out”! Now I have to go down again next week to have another Dr. pop it back in.  That doesn’t sound very scientific, does it? 🙂

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