Inspire2TextWell, there is a 3rd alternative…some people do nothing for you. Which is the lesser, those that drain you or do nothing? Maybe those that drain you at least inspire you to make a change. What drains you? Me? It is people who think only of themselves, who do not have respect for another’s feelings, dishonest people, controlling people.  

Well, I literally stumbled upon this little Buddhist park driving to a sales appointment in Sedona today (you can see Coffee Pot Rock in the background….I think it is a bit of a stretch to name it that but that is just my opinion). I’d have never spotted it if not for driving to that person’s house so I’d say it was a serendipitous find. I walked around the stupa 3x thinking good thoughts for my loved ones and the world in general………until a friend told me I was walking in the wrong direction. What?  Evidently, I did not read that memo; it is supposed be done in a clockwise fashion. So then I walked around it 3x in the proper way. And then I began to think that I just really cancelled out the incorrect walk and so did another 3x around clockwise. 🙂 I’m not sure if that mattered or not but I figured it could not hurt! I think the Buddha was happy……

Inspire (1 of 1)

The first image above was straight out of the camera was of a stark blue sky at noon so I decided to change it up a bit and process it in B&W with a wet plate effect. I’m not sure why I love wet plate as much as I do, but I do… kind of goes against the rules by adding spots and stains and blur. Maybe that is why I love it! 


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