“There are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart’s controls.” – Aeschylus

Watchful Eye
Watchful Eye

I work in a town called Chino Valley and it looks like it might sound. Full of open land, farms, small town vibes.  When I first moved here, I felt like a visit there was like one to another world: so rural compared to NY, it was almost like taking a trip to a foreign country. It’s amazing how one gets used to his/her environment. I now think it is just quaint, not foreign. I took my camera out at lunchtime and shot this watchful horse.  He would have come over for a pet but a trench, not fear, separated us.

Horses seem to love me. One time I was at a wild horse and burro auction and a trainer was demonstrating how to start breaking one of the horses.  It ran around the corral while the demonstrator showed some of his techniques. It was a bit spooked and I could see its fear and at one point it stopped right near me. I started to talk to it in my horse tone and it just looked at me for a few seconds. The next time it stopped right next to me and let me touch it while I whispered sweet nothings in its ear. The trainer was shocked…he said he had never seen that kind of behavior before out of a wild horse. I thought maybe that horse was supposed to be mine but realistically,  it was an impossibility at that point in time. Maybe someday I will adopt one. That is, when I get out of a condo! HOA rules would most certainly frown on a horse in the spare bedroom.



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