“Life is like a message in a bottle, to be carried away by the winds and the tides.”~G Tierney
Sunflowers in Wine Bottle tex

Yes, we do not have control over the currents but we can still try and navigate the seas. This is my favorite wine bottle and the only one I have kept once emptied. I have had it for at least a decade now and use it as a vase every so often. Today’s flowers are the very prolific wild sunflowers that come bursting out of the ground at this time of year here in Arizona and elsewhere throughout the Western US.

Umm, I have not posted in a week or so and my first thought regarding this new look is ….”hit switch back to the classic mode button, I don’t like this new layout!”. On the other hand, I dislike when people just automatically reject change so I will try it out before reacting. It doesn’t seem any easier, though. Am I missing something? And where is spell check?? THAT is scary. Where is preview (where I personally try to catch my mistakes and just evaluate how the whole post looks)? Maybe I will just hit the “switch back”button after all. OK, just found preview button. 🙂 I previewed, now I cannot find the “Publish”button. LOL


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