“One swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of March thaw, is the Spring.” ˜ A Leopold

Gaggle of Geese (1 of 1)
A Gaggle of Geese

Okay, this is a gaggle not a skein of geese. I did not even know what a skein was but evidently it is a gaggle except in flight as opposed to on the ground. See, you learn something new every day. I’ll have you know that there are not that many geese quotes floating around so I had to go with the skein one. Shall I say “Sorry” and hang my head in shame? Nah. I’ll save that for my numerous typos (I can even manage typos with spell check). And honestly, this photo is more about the light than the subject matter.  Geese are geese, whether in a gaggle or a skein; I hate to say it but they are not all that interesting.

And she changes her theme…again, in search of the elusive perfect theme that just may not exist!   I liked the last theme better but the images on the home pages were too small and you could only see the full-sized one if you double clicked on it.  Way too much trouble. And I like a white background and one that is not too busy.  Oh yeah, and I  like free. lol

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