Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”~W Dyer

Transformation-something is taken away yet also gained.
Transformation-something is taken away yet also gained.

When I was trying to find a quote for this image, I decided that transformation would be the key word. This area, called The Toadstools, has undergone quite a transformation. The wind, sand and water have created natural sculptures throughout the area. There are a number of toadstool spots in and around Kanab, Utah where nature’s conditions have transformed the sandstone over time. In a way, the toadstools are an analogy for man: we are born one way and transform over time, losing some things yet gaining others. Hopefully, what transpires is for the better, not worse.

We drove here after an afternoon in the Grand Canyon and I was hoping for clouds ☁︎☁︎ (yes, that word again) and to have arrived a bit earlier. By the time we got out to the toadstool area, the sun was setting rapidly. I tried to shoot as much as possible in the 30 minutes we had before it got too dark and we had to skedaddle (one reason why camping is a definite bonus when it comes to landscape photography) or we may have had to possibly spend the night ,not camping, just frantic out in the open and unprepared. We actually got a bit lost heading back but we made it to the car right as darkness really fell. Had I been with other photographers, I’d have suggested a return to this area on the way back. Two against one, I did not even mention it. But I am already planning a Kanab trip in the fall when it will be cooler and more enjoyable as the temps had hit 100* plus while we were there.

I am happy to say that parched Prescott got some rain on Saturday and the monsoons are setting in. I am hoping for a lot of rain this season as we certainly are in desperate need of it!



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