“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.” ~J Campbell

Grand Canyon (1 of 1)

Going down and back out the Grand Canyon is a goal of mine. I DO NOT want to do it on a mule…that would be too scary. God forbid, I rather slide down of my own accord.  I like a certain amount of control and I don’t think I’d feel much on the back of a jackass. 🙂

This image was taken from the top of the abyss called the Grand Canyon, from one my favorite accessible spots on the South Rim.  I figure I will post an image of each of the places I visited on my 4 day road trip and the GC was the first stop. We got there mid-day but I waited for a passing cloud to kind of minimize that negative. It was a hot trip and the only respite was inside Antelope Canyon BUT that was an unsatisfying experience to which I will dedicate a whole blog post, although as I last mentioned, it is, in the end, all good!


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