“How does it happen that birds sing, that the snow melts, that a rose unfolds, that the dawn whitens behind the stark shape of trees on the shimmering summit of the hill?”~V Hugo

Battle to Survive (1 of 1)
Starkly Standing

A rather simplistic image but there is something about a lone tree (whether alive or dead) that speaks to me. The designs in the rocks and the 3 green grass clumps added enough interest to make this a file to process.

In a couple of days,  I will be taking a bit of a road trip to Utah and Northern Arizona. It is not the trip originally planned as one person in our party is donning an orthopedic boot (they generally don’t go all that well with hiking) so some of the initial plans had to be scrapped.  I may be hiking down into Bryce Canyon myself 😦 but as we all know, plans could change again. I’d probably not have chosen this timeframe to go on this trip as 1. it is a bit too early for monsoon clouds and I ❤ clouds and 2. it is a bit too toasty for my liking. I am kind of already looking forward to September.  Anyway, whatever it is, it is; any adventure is fun, even if it is not all for which you’d hoped!

3 thoughts on “Stark

  1. Thank you, both! No, Eddie, LOL. That photo was taken by me (but not in a boot). It’s here in the beautiful Granite Dells area in Prescott. I am just back from a N AZ/UT trip with another who was SUPPOSED to be wearing a boot (but took it off more than wore it). Will be posting some pics from that trip, for sure!

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