“The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the dust and blood of our ancestors.” ~Chief Plenty Coups

Miss Havasupai Toddler (1 of 1)
Standing Her Ground- Miss Havasupai Toddler

I saw a sign while driving around town to do an errand for the “Gathering of The Pai” festival and thought I’d check it out. The Yavapai Indians are the Native American tribe here in Prescott and they were hosting this festival, a gathering of nearby tribes to connect and share. I was only there for less than an hour as it turned out it was almost ending.  I did get to see 2 dances: 3 generations of women, connecting to the earth with the movement of their feet. I especially enjoy watching the children as their pride and joy to be part of the celebration show in their faces. And it is always an insight listening to the emcees, they never fail to impart both words of cultural wisdom and some thoughts on the experience of the past which was imposed upon them. But all in all, it is mostly a message of strength. Strength of endurance, despite the past and strength of their culture.

The little girl here was dressed in a fuchsia outfit, very brightly colored but with the 1 PM sun, I thought it was a little too bright for my eyes. I had fun using the Nik Collection’s Analog 2 to give this a more vintage feel which also seemed to help abate some of the harsh shadows. My theory is if you cannot control the light or time of day that you shoot, then use processing to lessen some of the negatives. If I waited for great light all the time, I’d be shooting almost never, especially considering the fact that I live in Arizona, land of the omnipresent sun.


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