“We look at the world and see what we have learned to believe is there, what we have been conditioned to expect… but, as photographers, we must learn to relax our beliefs.”~A Siskind

Bee Sitting on Its Purple Chair
Bee Sitting on Its Purple Chair

For me, this image illustrates the above quote as it was something that I did not expect to see, a bee just flying onto and sitting down on this thistle. He reminded me of a tired man in his Lazy Boy chair after a long day at the office. He just sat there, his front legs holding himself up, doing nothing (or maybe he was watching BeeTV 😉 ) for about a minute or so and then ZOOM, off he flew. I could actually almost see it breathing heavy as it sat there, trying to recoup some energy from a hard day’s work collecting pollen. Don’t ask me why but I never expected to see a bee sit like this and I enjoyed having my assumption shattered. Like I said before, photography gives you gifts that go way beyond capturing an image.

Okay, part of the reason why I have not posted much here is because my computer hard drive was full and I had to do some clean up, save files to an external drive, and then download a new operating system and LR 5 . I drag my feet when to comes to certain chores… geek stuff is one of my major procrastination things. Anyway, it is now done (Phew) and all works, as a matter of fact, I even figured out my spell check problem.



4 thoughts on “Relax

  1. Excellent! What a position! – and a lovely lesson of life, Maureen. Glad you got it all sorted out, it happened to me whilst traveling, so better clean up beforehand and sort everything out… gosh, it’s still on my todo list…!

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