“Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.”~R Bradbury

Cliff (1 of 1)
A nice view from the Mount Lemmon area near Tucson, Arizona

Between work and a few trips, I have been pretty busy as of late. This whole month is going to be that way and that’s a good thing. I have 2 more trips planned for this month and by then, I may just want to be hanging loose after that as summer is setting in (and I am not a summer person).  The day I shot this image it was about 105* in Tucson.  A 45 minute trip up Mount Lemmon to Summerhaven and we were chilled to the point of needing sweaters. THAT is my kind of weather! I have about 3 more months before that will be the case here in Prescott but at least the nights cool down to tolerable!

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