“Time is change; we measure its passing by how much things alter.”~N Gordimer

I think this was a 1965 Pontiac but I never can seem to retain years, makes and models in my brain. I only know I admire their style!

Arizona has a lot of classic cars, I suppose having to do with the lack of humidity, salt air and snow.  It’s so funny because I have a ton of car shots and I am so not a car person.  But the style and attention to detail draws me in and I stop whenever I see one. Sorry, but the vast majority of autos today just cannot compete with the style of yesterday’s vehicles. They just cannot measure up!



9 thoughts on “Measure

  1. This dashboard doesn’t look used at all. It’s still brand new. It’s hard to compare old classic cars to new ones. Maybe it’s easy for you to know. That looks gorgeous! 🙂

    1. Hi, Thanks! The car was for sale and the person selling it said he put into it $20,000 more than he was asking for the sale price. Lovers of classic cars keep their vehicles looking mighty good. It is a labor of love more than investment!

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