“Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.”~A Bierce

Painted Desert in Orange
The Painted Desert, painted in mostly hues of orange.

The crazy winter weather of Saturday died down by Sunday and I was left with just wind.  And thankfully, some spectacular clouds. I had a dull sunset on Saturday and those clouds almost made up for it. I was also told by one of the Park Rangers that the colors at The Painted Desert (shown here) were more vibrant on Sunday due to dust being washed off of the rocks by Saturday’s weather.  After all, that must have been a lot of accumulation of dust with the miniscule precipitation we have received here in Arizona over the past few months.

The Petrified Forest National Park was less impressive as the colors are more muted there but the “rocks” on the ground are quite interesting! You can actually see the rings of the tree, the bark and the core inside transformed into what appears to be solid granite.  The petrified wood lies all around, some look like large whole trees fallen to the ground, other pieces are fairly small like mulch. That area was much harder to come up with a satisfying comp than the Painted Desert as it is less interesting photographically speaking.

All in all, I got so see Nature’s beauty, Route 66 kitsch,  abandoned buildings and vintage vehicles on the Mother Road, witnessed a pretty dusting of snow, stood on the corner in Winslow, Arizona (it was an okay sight to see), visited the building where Peter and Dennis were not given a room at the inn in the movie “Easy Rider”and a wolf tried to get into my car window (seriously) …all on one 36 hour trip! The wolf bit….I’ll leave that one for next post. 😉



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