“Sing us a song, you’re the piano man,

sing us a song tonight,

Cause we’re all in the mood for a melody

and you’ve got us feeling alright.”~Lyrics, B Joel

Piano Player at The Palace
Piano Player at The Palace-not only can he play but he is a fellow former NYer, two bonuses in my eyes. 🙂

We have a restaurant/saloon here in Prescott called The Palace. The Palace is filled with memorabilia of Prescott’s Western past and mostly is made up of heavy, dark wood and old-world style but a la Cowboy.  When you’re in there the past pretty much dictates the general feel of the place. The saloon doors are old and carved and swing open just like in a Western.  I guess getting hit with one of those babies could knock you out cold, that’s how heavy they are!  But the big draw is the massively substantial and ornately carved wood bar. Legend has it that in the 1900 fire which destroyed much of Whiskey Row the patrons carried the bar across the street to the Courthouse in order to save it. It worked and it is still there today, as solid and stately as it stood over 100 years ago.

I couldn’t get back far enough to get the exact comp I’d have wanted (more piano) as I had my 35mm lens and need a wider angle. I’ll get back there again one night.  Tonight I went downtown for art walk and to experience some of the Whiskey Row Off-Road Bike Race, a weekend long annual event but the piano player will be there most weekends, as he has been for years. Plus, I feel I have not shot enough portrait shots as of late so hope to concentrate a bit more on that. But tomorrow, I’m off for a little trip along a portion of Route 66 that I have yet to see.  Have a nice weekend, all!


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