There are repercussions to everything, even advancement and success.”~J Scott

Man vs. Nature

I remember when I shot this thinking how ironic this looked.  The post-storm clouds were gorgeous, casting light and shadows over the towering mountains and then there was…. this mass of tv antennae from a cable plant framing the scene.  Even though I’d prefer to have just had a view of the mountain range, the modern orbs lent a dash of surreal  to my viewfinder.

Sad to say but many times I fear man/technology will win over nature and in the end, we’ll all lose. Hopefully, we’ll find a way to balance the two!

7 thoughts on “Advancement

      1. Ah at first I thought Phoenix but the mountian just didn’t fit with any I know! Gorgeous nothing like mountains in this state. They never get old to me especially when everything goes from Brown to green and back.

      2. I grew up in NJ so I completely understand I couldn’t leave Arizona now. Between the sunsets, cacti, monsoons and mountains and I love the weather except for that week of cold we had in January. I’m one of those odd people who enjoy the summer here. 115 is my happy place lol

      3. Exactly. I haven’t gone East in 20 years. I get a lot of odd looks for saying I love the heat but it somehow eases the fibromyalgia and I thank god I get 5 months of less hell! My kids are planning on leaving az the first chance they get. They’ve never seen real snowing or leaves changing color. I bet they’ll be back after the first winter especially if it was like this last winter they just don’t know how lucky they are lol

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