“Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind.”~M Bates

Cafe Roka  (1 of 1)
This building must have been built at around the same timeframe as Whiskey Row here in Prescott…the design is very similar.

We had dinner at this highly rated restaurant while in Bisbee and while it was quite good (I had pistachio-crusted chicken), I have become very sensitive to sodium and my dish was just too salty for my taste. They give you a 3 course meal; a teeny, teeny cat saucer of soup, a mini salad and then a spoonful of lemon sorbet (to cleanse the palate).  I needed a saline cleansing after the entrée and did not get it. Oh well, I guess as in beauty, taste is in the eye of the beholder.

The other thing I have to proclaim:I am not a fan of bed and breakfasts. I feel like I am in Granny’s creaky, old house. Don’t get me wrong; I loved going to both my Grannies’ houses as a child……..but this Granny seemed to have a penchant for scary, cheap knickknacks (think clowns and assorted strange statues and creepy-faced dolls), boards for beds and old linens. And then in the morning? You get to eat without a shower and in yesterday’s clothes with strangers!!  Well, I guess some actually get up before 7 AM to do all the morning primping to be at breakfast at 8 or so; for me that doesn’t happen on vacation, unless it’s a dawn photoshoot, and that means just rolling out of bed. At the table:”What do you do? Where are you from? What are you up to today?, etc.” And this is all pre-caffeine. Yikes! It’s just not my thing. LOL I think my next trip in that area will be the Chiricahua Mountains and into nature instead of to Bisbee. It’s a lovely, eclectic town and I would recommend a visit but 3 times was the charm for me. But really, how can anyone complain about going away on an adventure? Not I. 😉 It is all just research in the alleyway of life!


2 thoughts on “Alley

  1. I’m not a fan of the B&B, either. I don’t like to be someplace at a particular time when I’m ov vacation unless it’s a time that I get to pick. Great shot. Looks like it could have been taken here in Rochester.

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