“God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your god. The soul is your temple.” ~Chanakya

Temple and Moon (1 of 1).jpg
Literally in cow country and fairly isolated, a Buddhist temple has been planted among the bovine outskirts of Chino Valley.

Well, if your feelings are your temple, there are times when your temple needs a good housecleaning! 

I went on a little adventure yesterday.  I’d go on BIGGER ones if money were no object but as it is, I always try to find one every now and then that is doable. So a friend and I set out on a short journey down a non-paved road to visit the Garchen Institute in Chino Valley.  We passed through so much wide open land on the way out and we both commented on how great that is to see.  The skies were blue and the tall grass golden and we opened the windows just to get a whiff of fresh air, at least until the dust started infiltrating the car. My friend is from the Chicago burbs, I am from the NYC outskirts and we talked about how difficult it might be to leave the West.  Once you get used to those vast open spaces, it becomes claustrophobic to be so surrounded by things…even beautiful things like trees.

We walked around the grounds and I took pictures, we had a picnic lunch and eventually sat for a meditation in the afternoon.  He had never been to anything like this and he was afraid he might do something inappropriate (like laugh) so we vowed not to look at each other while in the service (even though I peeked here and there just to see his reaction).  Afterwards, he said he only felt like chuckling when they blew the conch shell at various parts of reciting both Tibetan and English prayers. I drag him (although he says that that is the wrong term and he goes willingly) to places he’d probably never go to himself.  I seem to be the “dragger” in most if my relationships, maybe because I like adventures so.  In the end, our lives will mostly be about our experiences so I feel that one should experience whatever you can that you feel is good for your soul. Your “temple” needs to be well lived in………….

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