Abandoned (1 of 1)
“Absence is a house so vast that inside you will pass through its walls and hang pictures on the air.” ~P Neruda

Once a barn, once an antique store, now abandoned. But abandonment is a state which is not always permanent. Like the buds on the tree, life is a cycle.

Well, it appears that I may just be an every other week participant of the weekly photo challenges!  I shot 3 for last week  but I have to say that I did not like them.  They were not ones I’d want to put up under any circumstance except to make myself do the challenge. Is it better to not do the challenge if you do not feel your image says anything interesting or  to just to suck it up and feel slightly embarrassed of your offering?  If I see little of value to others (or myself), I’d have to say that not posting is the generous thing to do. Anyway, I am not totally wowed by this one but it does have some pleasing elements for me and that is okay with me.

I lost my automatic spell-check.  It abandoned me 😦  , possibly permanently as I tried to google how to turn it back on and cannot seem to come up with an answer that works. Things could get very scary! I am glad there is a spell check here on WP; now let’s see if I can remember to use it!


3 thoughts on “Abandoned

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    1. Thankx, Elisa…….it jus maybe not brabery butt stupitity. LOL I cannot figure out what to do…I tried everything! It is VERY scary. Plus I am a bit dyslexic to begin with as far as typing goes so this could get very bad very quickly. 🙂

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