“Every exit is an entry somewhere else.”~T Stoppard

Door Handles (1 of 1)
Entry or Exit……….A choice, a point of view.

I find I return again and again to places until I feel I have exhausted my possibilities for a while. And as I drive past Big Tom’s fairly frequently, I will drop in every so often just to see if there is anything new. Big Tom’s was on the American Picker’s show and he has a huge, old, rickety building filled with vintage treasures. He has so much, I am not sure there is room for too much new!

I re-shot this recently, kind of rearranging things for Tom to make them more visually appealing. 🙂 I doubt he’d mind (or even notice) as he has a good 200 plus old, rusty door knobs and lock plates.  Most are brown from oxidation and it was the color variation and injection of the blue for which I arranged this comp.

And as far as treasures…one man’s treasure is another man’s junque!



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