“Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.”~A Rand

In the end, your choices do make up more of your life than does happenstance, choice much more so than chance.

I am now trying to figure out a choice as I feel the need for change.  While I love where I live, I am contemplating a move. It’s a lovely town but I am wondering if I might be better off elsewhere. I am fortunate that I have certain freedoms which allow me such change and now I am pondering the bigger question……to where?  I will most likely stay in AZ for now so I am exploring places N, S and E of where I am now.  Notice I left out W as I do not see too much in that direction (at least as far as living is concerned).  Change can be scary but also kind of exciting.  I do not have difficulty with change but I sometimes hem and haw about the decision choices involved with a change such as this. But one thing is for certain, change can almost always be changed if you do not like your choice!


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