Barn‘s burned down…….now I can see the moon.”~Masahide

Barn Owl by Moon (1 of 1)
Barn Owl by The Full Moon


It must be my month for birds.  First, a pair of bald eagles and a funny raven. Today, a pair of owls and some funny business. You can’t see the female but she is behind the male.  And how do I know the gender? Well, I got to witness a little owl action. LOL Yes, I guess that is what it was…….it literally lasted around 5 seconds.  Maybe all those blue pill emails going into my spam are meant for Mr. Owl here.  I’d love to have had a closer shot and maybe more light to get better clarity but was happy just to see the owls, period. The moon was an added bonus that helped “set the mood’. 🙂


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