“Every calling is great when greatly pursued.”~OW Holmes

The Call (1 of 1)
Calling to The Spirits
This is post 300! A mere drop in the bucket for some, I need to shoot for 500 now!

For multiple reasons, these events are always hard to shoot.  The are usually on a stage with lots of background junk (signs, wires, sound systems, etc.) and lots of movement in sunny contrasts.  I’ll usually identify the best spot to take the image and wait; sometimes it works, others it doesn’t.  I waited until he moved around into “my spot”and then shot it.  Using a 5.6 telephoto doesn’t allot for much leeway…..they have to be dancing pretty slowly in the shade to freeze the motion.

So, this week’s photo challenge is “Selfie”.  Is anyone else totally bored with the idea of taking their own image? I know people who love it and indulge themselves on a weekly basis…for me, it is like having a root canal. I even hate the term “selfie”.  It sounds so sophomorically narcissistic. Maybe that is just my justification for avoiding SPs 🙂 (I am definitely too critical of my selfies) ……..I may get inspired in the next few days but it is also totally possible that I skip this one, unless I can think of something remotely novel.

Enjoy the last bits of the weekend!



4 thoughts on “Calling

    1. Thank you, Eddie for your comment! It was a fun and interesting performance. And this man tried to teach the audience some history, too, from the perspective of a NA. I learned some new insights.

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