“You can put wings on a pig, but that doesn’t make it an eagle.” ~WJ Clinton

eagles and Raven (1 of 1)
Two Symbolic Birds in A Stare Down.

I have been waiting to see an eagle up close for a few years now after seeing one a few times but from quite a distance.  To my surprise, I got to witness not just one but a pair observing their surroundings from a high tree the other day at Willow Lake here in Prescott. Even more surprising?  A raven who seemed very curious about the pair.  It circled and landed a few times, squawking every 10 seconds or so.  I wondered what it was doing….saying Hi!, taunting or just curious and babbling? But to me, that raven seemed like he just wanted to be friends with the bald eagles.  Maybe it knew somehow of the birds’ reputation of courage and power and wanted to glean some of that for him or herself. The male eagle was not so amused; they have an annoyed appearance anyway but I think it was actually perturbed at both having their space invaded and the noisy communication which seemed to be asking for acknowledgement that was coming from the raven. The female flew off at one point and the raven then sat in a branch right next to the eagle.  I worried that maybe a nest was there but as you can see, that tree is as bare as a baby’s bottom. The raven’s motive? I will never know.

e pluribus pissed (1 of 1)
E Pluribus Pissed
A crop of the eagle from the above image. He looks rather annoyed!

Not the best shots but I found that witnessing that whole encounter was so interesting and it solidified my respect for the raven.  It boldly stood its ground.  And I left feeling quite lucky not only to have seen a majestic bald eagle pair in the wild but also having been amused at the raven’s antics.


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